Bell Honda

POP & Window Clings

My Contribution
Copywriting, creative concept, art direction

Honda drivers are a sensible crowd. They want quality, reliability, and basic functionality from a new car, all at a reasonable price. That last bit is especially important; Honda dealers don't stock many higher-trim models because, usually, they're special orders. Usually.

Enter the client, Bell Honda of Phoenix. The GM had accidentally ordered hundreds of luxurious trims, across the model range, and was expected to move them like any other inventory. Accords, Pilots, Civics – all priced high enough to give the casual Honda driver an arrhythmia.

To remedy this, I wrote a campaign to excite even the most sober of car shoppers. It included in-store collateral that, while remaining true to brand standards, stood out from Honda's usual marketing.

Bell Honda client sold all its higher-priced inventory in two months.

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